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FITOCLIMA was born in 1.998 with the purpose of producing plant ornamental outdoor. Since then we have been increasing and to diversify or catalog of plants. Currently we produce about a million plants between shrubs, conifers, lively and aromatics, in particular Lavandula, whose production in differents sixes excceds
300.000 units.


We are located in the south west of the city of Albacete to 750 meters above sea level. We have a typically continental climate with cold winters and hot, dry summers, This makes our plants grows slowly giving compact copies as a result of excellent quality and special ornamental hardness. 


Our portfolio of clients covers to distributers, wholesders and companies of gardening in all spain.
We are currently starting to market, particulary aromatic, the rest of Europe where by its quality, is having very good reception.
The transport is adapt to the needs of our clients, at the lowest possible cost.
Chargins can be done by:

   - In bulk
   - In carry
   - In box pallet